How to write a great Course description?

The description of your Course plays a critical role in attracting more students and growing your income. Many a time, Tutors and Institutes do not pay enough attention while writing a Course description, resulting in low performance of the course.

Based on our study of popular courses on UrbanPro, we have come up with few key details that you must include in a Course description, to create a great Course on UrbanPro.

Following are the details to include in a Course description:

An Overview of the Course

An overall of what the course is all about and how the course will help a student taking the course. Ensure that you add the level of your course - Beginners, Mid-Level or Advanced Level, to attract relevant students to your Course

Prerequisite tools and knowledge to take up the Course

Mention the knowledge level and equipment or stationery requirement to take up the course. 

E.g. If you are creating a course on Selenium, students should ideally have knowledge of either Java, Python, C+ or Ruby

Curriculum of the Course

Top key topics that would be covered in the course. The lesson plans must be provided in detail for better clarity for the students. Each key topic, must have sub-topic and exercises for students to take up after one/multiple sessions.

Key takeaways from the Course

State the key benefits of taking the course - How and where the student can use the knowledge learned from the course. Mention key skills that students would develop by joining the course.

Target audience/who should enrolled for the course

Mention the target audience of the course, to attract the right students.

A sample of Course description:


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