Content Guidelines for Posting a Lesson

Content guidelines are applicable to all tutors and institutes who post a lesson on By sharing a lesson, you agree to have read the Content Guidelines and signify your acceptance of the same.

We may modify and remove all objectionable content from All lessons express the views of the Trainer or Institute only. will not take responsibility for any content or message shared by a Trainer or Institute.

Here are the Content Guidelines for posting a lesson:

1. Share useful & informative content.

Trainers and Institutes on are suggested to write lessons that can help learners who are looking to learn about a subject. Lessons should be information rich and written in a way that shall help learners gather more knowledge in a specific subject/topic. Lessons can be a combination of Texts, Pictures, Videos, Graphs and Infographics. However, using an image or video along with no useful information should be avoided. Each Trainer or Institute could share valuable resources as lessons that shall make, a great website to find useful content for learning.

Submitting a content, which doesn’t add any value as a lesson would be rejected by UrbanPro’s content moderation team.

2. Add rich content with clear and good quality images and videos

The UrbanPro’s aim is to provide a platform for teachers, experts and institutes to share and showcase their knowledge among students and aspirants. So suggests our trainers to post a quality content with quality images and videos

3. Focus on formatting

Lessons should be formatted properly. Bad formatting will give a poor reading experience to the readers distracting from your lessons. While writing a lesson the following formatting mistakes should be avoided.

  • Improper capitalization, spell errors and grammar
  • Poor paragraphing or spacing
  • Incorrect use of italics, bold
  • Inserting poorly formatted Tables

4. No Advertising content

A trainer must avoid sharing a content, which solely promotes his/ her training classes or coaching institute. Such content would be considered as an advert. Advertising or solicitation in any form is not permitted in the lesson content; sharing such content will be rejected.

5. Respect Intellectual Property

Share a lesson, which you have originally authored. Copying and sharing content, which is written, published or owned by others should be avoided. When using part of the content from another author, please mention the source in your article.

6. External links

A lesson may contain links, which takes to authoritative sites such as Wikipedia, Encyclopedia, to support the lesson. However, Trainers or Institutes should avoid including personal or business links in the content.

7. Don’t add inappropriate content

No lessons should contain inappropriate materials that are abusive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, unlawful, racist, religious, discriminatory, pornographic, or sexual in nature. Such content will be out-rightly rejected.

8. Don’t share contact details

Sharing contact details, including email address, phone number, and residential/institute address is strictly prohibited. Your lessons should not contain any contact details, if found, these details will be removed or your content may be rejected.

By agreeing to the above guidelines, you warrant that you will not post any content or messages on that are obscene, vulgar, discriminatory, hateful, violent, pornographic or any other unacceptable content. reserves the right to edit or remove content or message for any reason.

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