Using the Android Pro App

You can use the Android Customer app for UrbanPro to

  • Check Inbox for recent enquiries
  • Contact customers
  • Mark enquiries as 'Not interested', if applicable
  • Check 'Contacted' for all the enquiries responded to
  • Check 'Hired' section for all customers who hired you
  • Mark yourself as 'Hired' by a customer for an enquiry
  • Update and edit your profile
  • Check the balance and buy UrbanPro Coins
  • View and add photos/videos to your Gallery
  • Promote your profile by sharing on Facebook, Google Plus and Whatsapp
  • Promote your profile my mailing the link through GMail and through SMS
  • Access, respond to and post on the Q&A pages
  • Change the 'Notification' settings on the app


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