Communicating with Tutors

Communicating with tutors couldn’t be simpler! We first send you mails with matching tutors, as suggested by our match making algorithms. Then you should start receiving mails from tutors who are interested in getting in touch with you to provide you with the requested service.
You can get in touch with them through clicking on the ‘Message’ button in the mail which displays the UrbanPro page with the message sent by the tutor. After reading the message, click on ‘Leave your message here’ field to write your response to the message and click on ‘Send’ button to send your response to the tutor.
Here, you can choose to share your email ID or Phone number with the tutor through your message, so that you can start contacting each other directly. To get further information, you can go through the tutor's profile to view his reviews, ratings, experience and qualifications to ensure that you are comfortable with the tutor and his/her quality of service.


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