Updating text and email preferences

If you need to change the alerts that you are getting, please go to your profile page and click on the ‘Account’ tab. Here, click on the ‘Preferences’ section and then click on the ‘Edit’ button. From this section, you can control which alerts you wish to receive and which alerts you wish to unsubscribe from. Once done, ensure that you click on the ‘Update’ button to apply these changes.
To make changes to your SMS alerts, click on the ‘SMS alerts’ section. Clicking on the link which says ‘Click here if you do not want to receive SMS Alerts’ will unsubscribe you from all SMS alerts.
If you wish to unsubscribe from your QA page alerts, then click on ‘Alerts’ section and click ‘Remove’ button for every page that you wish to not receive alerts from anymore.

Warning: Changing these settings may cause you to not receive important information.


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