How UrbanPro works for Tutors & Training Institutes?

UrbanPro is India’s number one marketplace, both for Students and for Tutors. We are focused on creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem that provides value and enriches your learning experience.

We at UrbanPro are helping organise the unstructured market of outside the school education by providing an online platform to connect Tutors with potential Students. We serve a wide range of categories including School or College Tuitions, Exam Entrance, Languages, Computer Training, Dance, Music, Photography, Painting, Cooking, Yoga, and many others.

On you can create your profile as a Tutor, add skills or experience details, get reviews from past students, showcase your class videos, add photo galleries of classes and even add your courses and workshops.

With UrbanPro, you can expect an easy to use platform that helps you showcase your skills and qualifications to prospective students, fast redress of complaints, a very supportive system geared towards mutual growth and ease of access to a huge base of Students.




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