How to respond to enquiries?

After responding to all free enquiries, Tutors & Institutes need to upgrade to Premium
Membership to respond to maximum number of enquiries. Tutors & Institutes can respond to
enquiries in two ways - Manual and Auto-response.

While responding to students enquiries manually, you need to type out your message and quote
every time you respond to an enquiry. On the other hand, if you want to respond to enquiries
quickly, you can have your categorywise message with quote saved in Saved Responses. You can
have different Saved Responses for different categories. When you opt for auto-response
setting, whenever an enquiry alert matching your category comes, the system will automatically
respond to the enquiry with your category specific saved response. You just need to connect
with the students on receiving the students contact details via SMS and Email alert.

However, there is no difference in the number of coins deducted for both manual and auto-response mode.


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