What is Premium Membership? What are its benefits?

UrbanPro Premium Membership is a paid membership plan which offers Tutors & Institutes additional benefits and features over non-premium members. It allows Tutors and Institutes receive requirement alerts from students faster, initiate contact with students directly, increase visibility, verified tag on a profile (only for tutors), free job posting (only for institutes), suggested to students and many more benefits.

 With UrbanPro Premium Membership plans you can do a lot more and grow your income.

 Check out the list of added benefits you’d receive on upgrading to UrbanPro Premium Membership plans.

Benefits of Premium Membership

 Display Phone

 Display a dedicated phone number on your profile and let students call you directly.

 Higher Pro Score

 Get ahead of a competition with a 40% boost to your Pro Score with Platinum Package & 20% boost with Gold Package.

 Suggested to Students

 Get recommended to students instantly and be visible above non-premium members.

 Coins to Respond to Enquiries

 You can utilize UrbanPro Coins to respond to enquiries from Students, thus creating a channel of communication with them, which helps you get hired and grow your business.

 *Free Verified Tag on Profile

 The Background Verification helps tutors increase their Trust among Students and also increases the chance of getting hired for their requirement.

 **15 minutes advance alerts

 Platinum membership lets you get enquiry alerts 15 minutes in advance compared to Gold & Silver members (Silver plan is only for tutors) so that you get an edge over other Tutors & Institutes to reach out to students much faster.

 Free Job posting (Institutes only)

Now post jobs for free and get responses from the best possible Tutors & Trainers for your enquiry.


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