How to create courses online on

Courses are an excellent way to connect and share your in-depth subject knowledge with your students. Create courses online effortlessly on You just need to provide few details such as a brief about the course, timings, location, class duration, trainers details, mode of class to start connecting with students. Your courses can help millions of students accomplish their learning goals and grow in their academic, professional or personal space. enables you to create customised courses for different categories, add multiple batches, locations, trainers and timings. You also have the flexibility of editing a course anytime and increase your reach among potential students.

Follow the steps given below to start creating courses online:

Log on to your UrbanPro Account, and click Courses available on the left navigational panel.


On clicking Courses, you'll find four sections - Courses & Workshops, Batches, Venues and Trainers. Click the first one, Courses & Workshops


Courses & Workshops

To create a Course, hit the Add Course button


Select a Category, for which you want to create a course


Select the Type of Course - Classroom Class or Online Instructor-led Class and fill in the necessary details. For both the Type of Course, almost all the required fields are same. Only in case of Online Instructor-led Class, there will be no venue detials.



After creating your Course, click the Batches button to create a batch. Fill in relevant details as per your requirements for creating a batch. You can also create multiple batches for a Course.



In the Venues section, you can add or edit venue details of a course. You can add multiple venues for a course.



Under the Trainers section, you can add details of different Trainers and manage their list seamlessly.


To add a new Trainer details, fill in all the requisite fields.


Once you complete all the four sections of Courses, you have created your Course successfully on Please do save all the details and changes you make, while creating courses.

It may take 24 - 48 hours to reflect your courses online on You can also disable a course, if you are not yet ready to take classes.

If you can any doubt or query, please reach us on



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